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SnoozeShade Plus – UV Solskjerm for barnevogn (solskygge, solbeskyttelse)

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SnoozeShade Plus, designet av en mamma, beskytter babyen din mot solen og blokkerer lys-inntrengning på farten for å la babyen sove hvor og når som helst.

  • Universal for 3- og 4-hjulsvogn
  • Sperrer ute 99% av UV-strålingen

3 på lager (Normalt 2-3 virkedager levering)

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Kjenner du andre som kunne trengt dette produktet? Del!

☀️ Super safe sun protection invented by a mum: Our pram sun shade and blackout cover for babies and toddlers blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. It creates safe shade, protects delicate baby eyes and skin from the sun and acts as a shield from wind, light rain and insects

✅ Universal fit: Our one size fits all buggy sun shade is made from a soft air-permeable stretchy mesh to fit all single width prams, pushchairs and strollers including jogging strollers. Small and lightweight it also comes with a free storage bag

⛱️ Easier and safer than a blanket or muslin, the lightweight scientifically tested air-permeable (better than breathable) mesh allows air to circulate easily. Keeps baby comfortable while still being able to look out. All SnoozeShade products are designed to exceed required US & European safety standards.

⏱️ Installs in seconds: Simply attach using the versatile stretchy straps (use some or all depending on your buggy) elasticated sides ensure SnoozeShade stays securely in place. Can be removed just as quickly.

? Perfect for buggy naps: SnoozeShade Plus creates a shady, snooze friendly environment so baby can take regular length naps when out and about at nap time. Recommended by baby sleep experts worldwide, it also helps teach your little one when it’s nap time


Designed by a mum, SnoozeShade Plus protects your baby from the sun and doubles as an on-the-go blackout blind to allow your baby to sleep wherever and whenever.

Sensational sun protection

Ideal for holidays and days out – whether in warmer climates or on a blustery British seafront. When the outer ‘snooze’ panel is fully closed 99% of UV rays are blocked, as well as protecting from light rain, chill, wind and insects.

To protect delicate young skin from the sun, 80% of UV is filtered by the large, soft, mesh window when in ‘lookout’ mode, while still allowing your little one to see the world go by.

Perfect for peaceful nap times

Its other job is to be a sleep aid to block light and blur distractions that keep your baby awake. Simply zip up the outer front panel to create a dark, comfortable cocoon, making it easier for your baby to drop off to sleep at nap time.

Say goodbye to muslins and coats draped precariously over the buggy. The SnoozeShade Plus is a perfect fit on any pram or pushchair with a hood or canopy and creates the perfect environment for your baby to sleep… in shops, cafes, at the beach, the park, and even friends’ or relatives’ homes.

The clever sneak-a-peek zip at the top allows you to quietly check on your sleeping baby without disturbing him, too. Genius!

All you need to know

This clever sunshade is made from a double layer of soft, air-permeable (better than breathable) fabric that allows air to circulate freely.

SnoozeShade was created by a mum, who knows there’s no more precious cargo than your own baby, so it has been designed and tested to the same high standards as children’s toys.

  • Suitable from birth to four years (or when your little one is out of the pram).
  • Compatible with all buggies, prams and travel systems with a hood or canopy – both three- and four-wheelers.
  • Washable at 30°C.
  • Free storage bag.
  • We recommend SnoozeShade products are used alongside appropriate sun protection, hats and clothing.

Please note: the Plus front mesh lookout window is integrated and so does not fully open. You can open and close the snooze panel by unzipping it, using the velcro straps to secure it when it’s unzipped. If you want both front panels to open then please see the Plus Deluxe for extra functionality.

What’s the difference between SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe and the Plus?


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